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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hairstyles Trends For Spring / Summer 2012

     In a season dominated by minimalism and femininity, stylists had no choice but to adapt and to set simple and elegant trends in hair. Playful, carefree,lot of volume, free released or collected in modified "horse tails" - hair in the new season should look natural, and yet to  leaves an impression.

     Here are the most dominant trends in hairstyles for the warm season:

Knitted And Romantic Chaos
      Knitted hair had became a hit and forced us to use imagination to create unpredictable textures.

Unusual Variations Of The "Horse Tail"
      The "horse tail" is no longer a hairstyle just for going out to the gym. Fun variations of classic of this hairstyle are flooding the runways and the streets. No matter whether you catch it low or high head just add some elements that will differentiate from ordinary "horse tails". Stylists offer haircuts and a few horse-tails connected in an interesting way.
Glamorous And Rich Volume Hair

     Hair with a rich volume as expected is experiencing a huge comeback.

Retro style
      The style of the past is an endless source of ideas for designers and stylists. Retro waves, locks of the 20's, French "twist" ... Do not let those creative ideas to stay in the past and incorporate them into your style rose to the level of glamor and elegance.

      Female fashion trends has updated some romantic accessories. Regardless of the length of hair, everyone can use a wreath . Different styles can help you look irresistibly cute or fun and creative, or sexy and seductive.
      Are you  not afraid of changing  your hair style? Then the trend "head scarf" is just for you. Show courage by adding printed scarves to your hair, but if you do not want to fall in everyone's eyes, select a scarf in a neutral color. Even the simplest fashion combination can look ultra chic if you supplement it with interesting scarf in your hair.
     This trend will certainly get more swing on the beach during the summer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


     Fashion accessories for the style are as spices for the food, without them everything seems incomplete. You can agree that the simplest and the most boring fashion combination can be turned into a look that deserves sighs and compliments only by carefully selected accessories. During the sunny season, fashion accessories have become  noticeable. In addition i bring you the current trends that you want to insert into your style.

JEWELLERY: The Impressive Return Of The Earrings.
     When it comes to jewelry, few seasons ago was all about necklaces. Now with the start of this spring we can witness the great comeback of the remarkable earrings. The golden color, exotic patterns, the colors of precious stones, with two or three rows of beads. You have tremendous freedom in the choice of stylish earrings. Give a chance to the jumbo earrings to emphasize femininity to your look.

JEWELLERY: A Range Of Bracelets.
     Arrange a few bracelets on your hand to give a "weight" to your style. Lose the fear to mix different colors of bracelets. If summer variety motives are present in your clothes, arrange the arm bracelets in colors that dominate your outfit.
Jewelry: Necklaces With Multiple Layers
      Thin necklaces that are formed from several layers can give you a very elegant look. You can combine several necklaces of different lengths or a very long necklace so that you can  wind it several times around your neck.

Sunglasses: Cat's Eyes

     The magic of the retro style continues to win more fans. From the style of the 60's, cat's eye glasses are still as popular as last year.

Eyeglasses: Colored Frames 
      Glasses with colored frames are present on the fashion runways, and now they start invading the streets.

Eyeglasses: Round Sunglasses

      Glasses with circular windows, type of glasses favored by John Lennon are among the glasses that do not deserve to be neglected.

Hats: Fedora Hats
     Fedora hats are a full fashion hit during the summer. They are great to hide your head from the sun while you're at the beach or while walking around town.

Colorful scarves
      Jeans, simple t-shirt, ballet shoe, cool sunglasses and colorful headscarf - the best combination for a day out during the warmer days. Colorful scarves that seem fresh and youthful are a fashion accessories that you must not ignore. Don't wait go and buy one.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Men Bags

     Men bags nowadays have become an inevitable accessory for men who follow fashion. They are no longer considered as an object which associates with the women, but something that adds value to the elegance of the men.
     Now you don't have  to fill the pockets of your coat and pants. Although the truth is that today is hard to pick a bag that doesn't look feminized. Some men have solved this problem by choosing a backpack. But they can not wear them at every opportunity. So the question remains, what you should wear?

     Much as you love digging in your pockets,now it's time to forget about it, because you have a huge selection. The most dominant choice for men who are going to work is the classic briefcase. Besides a classic briefcase, this season appeared models without sharp accented edges, so one of them is the "postman style" bag. It's practical and modern, ideal for those with a relaxed style.
     Over the last years this bag that in the shape resembles a suitcase has gained a lot of popularity. It's a perfect replacement for the huge suitcases and its  design is similar to the sport bags. This bags  are ideal and practical for men who are frequently on business trips.
     A great choice are the bags with a short handle, they look casual so  men can wear them all the time. They are ideal for sporting and elegant style of dressing, men love them because they collect all that they need: documents, wallet, keys and phone.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


     Trends in footwear for this spring/summer are offering something for everyone. Some of them were accepted in the previous seasons, some will try to make a comeback after long years of absence, and some yet  are fighting for a place in women's closets.
     Whatever model you choose, the colors of this season are: cream, coral, orange, turquoise, white, light pink, brown, yellow and green. The details are particularly important, because thanks to them you can have a unique style.

Ankle boots with a hole in your fingers.

     One of the biggest hits this season are  boots that are high up to the ankles and which are open at the toes. Although the weather is warmer, boots to the ankles are retained from last season. The beauty of these so-called "summer boots" is that they fit any style of clothing. You could say that all varieties of this type of boots are "in" - with high heels, with various details like feathers and fringed with a platform or with many straps.

Shoes with high heel and a front platform.

     Shoes with high heels and a front platform remained one of the top trends this season. The height of the heels is tolerable and they are very practical for walking. Those who follow fashion trends know that one pair of these shoes is mandatory. Apart from white, cream, coral and gray, turquoise and metallic paint is "hot" for this season.

Shoes with a higher rear platform.

     For many women these shoes are lighter to carry than high heels. They can be part of the everyday casual or the elegant evening attire. For more interesting fresh look choose bright colors or floral details and decorations. Do not be afraid to experiment, because it is hard to fail when it comes to these models!

"Mary Jane" shoes.

     "Mary Jane" is an American term for shoes  who have a low heel, rounded to the fingers and have a strap at the ankle. For those who want a classic look, these are the perfect footwear. This season the shoes of this type are modified. The height of the heels varies, and also the thickness of the belt. Classic black is replaced with cooler or neutral colors.

Non-standard ballet shoes.

     Fans of  the ballet shoes this year should choose non-standard models with much detail or models that hide ankles.If you have nice toned legs, you can wear the with shorts or dresses. A modern alternative to the ballet shoes are shoes and sandals with small heels.

Friday, May 11, 2012


     Besides choosing the perfect suit, it is very important to choose what you will wear beneath that suit. A nice shirt gives a man the complete and perfect look.


 1.White shirt

     Of course you should have at least one white shirt in your closet. White shirt is a classic piece that always looks elegant and well. The last few years the white shirt is a fashion trend again. You can combine the white shirt with almost everything. If it is a special occasion, combine the shirt with a black suit and  a black tie. If u attend a wedding than go for a white shirt with a white tie.

                                                                                                  2.Shirt with stripes

     A classic shirt with thin stripes is used for almost any occasion. No matter the color of the lines, if they are thin you can not make a mistake in choosing this type of shirt. The lines in the shirt shows your style and features. you can choose between thin and wide stripes, neutral or strong colors . A classic type of this shirt has thin stripes in neutral colors like gray or blue. It's ideal for working in the office and a perfect combination with a pair of nice jeans.

3.Monochrome shirt

     In your closet you have several shirts that are monochrome. They are easy to combine with T-shirts, they are leisure for any everyday activity and they are good for special occasions. The advantage of monochrome shirts is that it accentuate the suit without any accessories. This  shirt gives freshness to any suit, black shirt fits well with a dark gray suit or with jeans that have an elegant line. A tie is  not required,it  would contribute only to "lose" the shirt under the suit.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


     Shaping your own style of dressing that will make you feel good in our skin is not an easy work. Plus, the problem consists not only in how we look like, but how much are we able to combine different pieces of clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry that we have, and still being to able to be constantly different, unique and beautifully dressed for every occasion. In any case, make sure to remember these  ten fashion disasters.

1. Wearing everything in same color is wrong.
     Definitely the wrong fashion step is to think that the color of your clothes, purse, shoes and jewelry should be the same color. In fact in most cases is much better to combine colors, fabrics and cuts. If different pieces nicely fit with one another, there is no need for them to be in the same color.

 2. Too much jewelry does not look "delicious"
     If you are wearing a blouse or a jacket with buttons, beads, zippers, pockets or any application that is already decorated, don't put any more jewelry, you will look as if you are going to a carnival. When you want to wear more jewelry or scarves, select monotone and simple blouse.

3. Black makeup all over your face does not make you look sexy.

The term fashion does not mean just choosing the perfect outfit. If your face has a ton of makeup, who will notice what you are wearing?  If you wear black eye shadow, definitely do not wear black lipstick and, unless you want to look like the characters from Adam's Family.

4. Never combine different patterns
     When you combine pieces of clothing, always keep in mind that the striped and plaited  clothes never go hand in hand.
5.Do not ignore manicures.
     To have a good fashion style, means that you have to nourish your overall appearance. Despite the good combinations of your beautiful pieces of clothing and makeup, your nails and hair should always look at least decent. Varnished nails will forever be in fashion and look sexy if they fit with the colors of your outfit. It is important to note that you should never leave the bow alone to peel away, you always have to nibble your nails so that they will have a good shape.
6. Be careful with the straps of the bra.
     Never let the bra straps to be visible to everyone. Whether if they match the colors you currently have, they will disrupt your layout.

7.Proper length is always important.
     Selecting pants can be a difficult job, especially if you are shorter than the rest of the girls.Capri pants can make you look even shorter, so you should be careful when you go shopping. Make sure the length will be somewhere in the area between the knees and ankles. In a combination with a tight shirt with short sleeves, capri pants will make you look gorgeous.

8. Tight is not always a solution
     Avoid trying to look weaker by wearing tighter clothes. Inevitably, the results will be disastrous, because it will come to light weight. You do not want to emphasize what you want to hide right?!

9. The white problem
     Never combine white shoes with white pants, dresses or shorts. If you find yourself in that situation, just put a purse, jewelry or shoes in another color to break the monotony.

10. Thongs are not for the back. 
     Girls, do not bother trying to show your thong by climbing it higher. A thong that is visible and raised up  makes you look bad and gives a wrong picture of you, so it is always better to keep it a little lower.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Star Wars Clothing

     Hey guys,Star Wars is an American epic space opera film series created by the one and only George Lucas. You may wish to read about new online graduate courses for teachers. The Star Wars movies are my favorite of all time. But i am here to present you some inspirational "Star Wars" clothes : hoodies, t-shirts, accessories , shoes ...
      I hope that one day probably i will build up some nice collection of Star Wars clothing. With no further delay, check out this pictures.
Star Wars Hoodies: 

  Star Wars Jeans

Star Wars Caps 

 Star Wars Shoes